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Hollow Rotary Actuator Rotating Platform Turntable (Customized)



  • High Accuracy Rotating Platform: 1 arcmin positioning accuracy and 15 arcmin repeated positioning accuracy, which is dramatically growing in high-precision industrial automation equipment, glue dispensing machines, the 4th or 5th axis of machine tools, packing machines, photoelectric and visual inspection equipment, indexing plate, laser printer, sorting machine, robot joint, etc.
  • 360-Degree Rotating Table with Hollow Design: it is easy to position and stay at any angle by connecting with a stepper motor or servo motor directly, the actuator comes with a photoelectric sensor (674) bracket to achieve high accuracy position and control, and the hollow design makes it easy to attach the rotating plate and avoid the complex wiring problem.
  • Equipped with Crossed Roller Bearing: considering the accuracy and stability that may be affected by the lateral force from different directions, the high rigidity crossed roller bearing was adopted, which features high rotational accuracy, stable rotational torque, and high loading capacity, which can ensure the stability and high precision of the rotating platform.
  • This DN130-10 Rotary Actuator Fits for Standard Nema 23 Stepper/ Servo Motor (8mm shaft) in Default. (Please Know That We Can Provide Different Sizes Flange to Fits Most Stepper/ Servo Motors on the Market).


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